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I tried everything before, without much success... and then the One Funnel Away Challenge changed the way I look at marketing and business in general, forever
A Marketer's Journey
Why After 30 Years In Sales & Marketing I Decided To Join The
Challenge And What That Has To Do With Launching Your Funnel
I've been in SALES and MARKETING since I was a kid... I would be the one going door to door to my neighbors houses to sell them candy and trinkets I had made. 

In high school I would make crafts and sell them to my classmates and before I graduated high school I had a running service business.

In the years since, I have owned or been part owner in multiple restaurants, a cleaning business, a photography studio, a mobile DJ service, a comedy hypnosis show, a hypnotherapy office, a real estate investing company, a ski/snowboard school, just to name a few.

To say I've always lived life on my terms is an understatement... I've literally chosen my hobbies and things I've wanted to learn and figured out ways to capitalize on them.

But in 2013, in the early beginnings of "funnels", wanting to transition to online selling and putting my content in the hands that need it, I spent so much time, money and effort into building a so-called funnel with the wrong tools and the wrong message, that by the end of 2014 (having tried everything to stay afloat,) I moved out of my place with my dog and into my car (not by choice) and lost a relationship and much more in the process.

Not only that but I lost myself for a couple of years... and I blamed funnels... 

But looking back now I realize it wasn't "funnels" at all, it was that there was no good way to connect all the needed services together to make them work seamlessly.

So fast forward to a few months back when I got a boost of new energy and motivation about my business and my goals and I started thinking about funnels again. Enter ClickFunnels.

Wow! Just wow. I've built a lot of websites and wannabe funnels on multiple different platforms and what I enjoy about ClickFunnels is how intuitive and easy to use it is. The technical issues that used to take hours to solve can take just a few seconds. INCREDIBLE... until you see for yourself.

But having a system that CAN sell things, without having the right marketing message and processes around it pretty much the same as having nothing at all...

So I decided to join the One Funnel Away Challenge thinking it would help me craft my message and build the movement I want to build around my business, and boy was I right!

NOT only that but it helped me understand how to position myself properly, how to structure my offers, how to deliver the marketing message and then the content, and then how to build the machine behind it that helps you turn all that knowledge into dollars.

I know the $100 seems ridiculous for this much training... some say it makes them think "what's the catch"... but the reality is very simple, ClickFunnels makes perpetual money as you become SUCCESSFUL with your funnel. 

So they have a vested interest in your success AND in addition, if you follow Russell, Steven or Julie on their networks it clear how much they actually care.

Now... what do I, Juan Acosta get from this? Why do I spend my time building things to also help YOU succeed?

Well, I also care. A lot.

AND as affiliate of ClickFunnels I also have a vested interest in your success. As you make money with your business, ClickFunnels pays me as a thank you for having referred you.

It doesn't cost you anything or change anything for you and it keeps people who really love their products (like me) helping them promote, rather than spending a ton of money on ads. They give those marketing dollars back to their happy customers. :-)
So, To Entice You To Take 
These 30 Days To Dive
Deeply Into Your Business...
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My Bonus #1
FU Problems!
Video Training
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Let's face it, every amazing opportunity (like the OFA 30-Day Challenge) brings about new opportunities and also new difficulties and "Follow-Up Problems" as you grow.

So I've created a program to get you through the next set of obstacles you'll uncover, so they will merely be stepping stones towards your successful funnel launch rather. Say it with me... "F.U. Problems!"

This program retails for $297 but it will save you much more in time and aggravation when setting up and launching your funnel.

And the exciting news! You can have My FU Problems! Program for FREE, when you join Russell's OFA Challenge through my link today!
My Bonus #2
My Fully Functional 
FREE +Shipping Funnel
($1497 Value)
One Funnel Away is amazingly complete, Russell even gives you some great funnel templates to get started!

But if you're like me and need something more robust and with a few extra bells and whistles, like Russell's Expert Secrets or DotComSecrets Books or my free+shipping book funnel, you'd be looking at a price tag of 5-10k just for someone to design it and make it work OR you could spend a few months of your own time building it.

Even on this funnel would cost you at least $1500 and a lot of time and effort explaining things!

So, since I've already made the investment and you're making a commitment to yourself and your business by joining the OFA Challenge, I'm going to share my fully functioning FREE +Shipping Funnel with you and save you at the very least those 1500, when you join One Funnel Away through my link.
My Bonus #3
($197 Value)
So much amazing coaching... so little time! There's so much great information that there are always questions and roadblocks in the process. 

As the OFA Challenge groups grow from upwards of 4ooo people, it becomes increasingly harder to show up to the live session and get your questions answered.

And although the FB community is great, honestly, I found myself answering most people's questions... so I decided to create the OFA Recap MASTERMIND to help you implement and optimize what you learn without having to rely on .

This small group mastermind happens inside your FU Problems! Member's Lounge at the end of weeks 1, 2 & 4 and aims to take your OFA experience to the next level.

Join the OFA Recap MASTERMIND for FREE when you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge through my link!
My Bonus #4
Hypnotic Copy Review
($497 Value)
You can sell useless things with good copy... but even the most useful and amazing product won't sell, if the copy fails to convince the reader of it's qualities.

During weeks 3 and 4 of the OFA Challenge you'll be writing the copy for your funnel and you may, possibly, like an extra boost to make your copy as persuasive as possible. 

When you feel you're ready for your Hypnotic Copy Review you can submit your funnel's link inside your FU Problems! Member's Lounge to receive specific tips and feedback on how to improve your copy and message.

A sales copy writer would charge at least $500 to review your copy and make suggestions but I will give you this for FREE when you join One Funnel Away through my link. 
The One Funnel Away Challenge Takes You In Depth Through Your Business And Product(s) And Gives You Insights On How To Actually Market And Sell Yourself
I promote ClickFunnels and its products because I absolutely love the software and stand behind what it has done for me and can do for you. And  while I am an independent affiliate and receive referral payments from them, not an employee of ClickFunnels, the opinions expressed here are my own, and NOT official statements by ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.
DISCLAIMER: I will do everything I can to help you succeed but you must understand your success depends on many factors that I cannot control. By participating as my affiliate you agree that you understand that you alone are responsible for the success or failure of your funnel and/or business. I offer you FREE techniques with the best intentions, without any guarantee of success, implicit or explicit. I HOPE you make a lot of money and I will help... but I make no income claims to that effect.
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